About Invc.me

Collecting money is hard! We want to make collecting the money you've earned as easy as possible. Drafting invoices, setting up payment forms, sending reminders and managing the communication with your clients is tricky and takes time that most businesses just can't spare.

Originally built to help manage the cashflow at our consultancy in Sydney, Australia, Invc.me is now helping businesses all over the world manage their invoicing more effectively.


Invc.me @ Australian Technology Park

Locomotive Street
Eveleigh, NSW 2015
(02) 8005 1556


Invc.me @ Startup House

880 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(650) 924 9231

The Team

Chris Hexton

Chris studied accounting but quickly realised it wasn't to be his career path. Since then he has run web and iPhone app development consultancy with James, Semblance Systems helping others to make their ideas a reality. Chris is passionate about travel, speaks bad Italian, loves his Kindle and plays guitar whenever he can.

James Lamont

James has coded since he was 12 years old. Back then he built a Pokemon website (with Chris) but now he cuts his teeth on the latest frameworks and languages. The other half of Semblance Systems, James loves clean code and efficient, minimal functionality. James is passionate about anything and everything tech and can't wait for the release of Diablo III.

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